Paperless: Living in Limbo: Paperless: Living in Limbo

A group of people in a conference room discuss the plight of rejected asylum seekers.
Paperless: Living in Limbo, Oslo, Norway

Arne Viste addresses supporters of Mennesker i Limbo (People in Limbo), a Norwegian NGO. They held this meeting to determine how best to get recognition and support from the government for paperless immigrants. Paperless immigrants are people living in Norway without legal residence, who have no right to work permits or health care. A core issue for People in Limbo is that those who have stayed illegally in Norway for more than five years should receive work permits and tax cards. Arne, in defiance of the government, has provided jobs to 40 rejected asylum seekers. He has reported his illegal actions to the police in the hope of getting arrested, so that he can present a legal challenge to the government for violating the constitution by denying people the right to work.