Paperless: Living in Limbo: Paperless: Living in Limbo

A rejected asylum seeker crys while pulling her luggage through the snow.
Paperless: Living in Limbo, Asker (Akershus county), Norway

After storing most of her belongings in her room at Dikemark Najah tearfully walks to a bus station to return to Oslo. There she will temporarily stay with a friend. While contemplating the mess her life has become Najah recounted a conversation she had with an immigration official: "I'm an educated woman who was working on a Masters in psychological counseling in Iraq. I had a good job. Why am I crying everyday for my daughter (8-yrs. old) who is in Iraq? My ex-husband wants to kill me. I told the truth. I'm not lying. I can't return yet you tell me to return. In Norway I have no job, no family and no money. You think I prefer to be in Norway. You think I like this weather?"