Faces of Genocide - Rwanda: Faces of Genocide

Standing outside a 62-year old woman, dressed in a pink prison uniform, looks into the camera; in the background is a sign with the prison's name.
Faces of Genocide, Ngoma district, Rwanda

May 18, 2016 - Ngoma Women's Prison - Mariya Nyirahabimana, 62, is serving 30-years. "I had neighbors who were Tutsi: Abraham Sewabo and his wife Everine Nyiramatama. Everine came to my house and said, 'please hide this little girl for me. I will die with my boys.' As she requested I took the child. But rather than looking after the child like my own, I took the young girl and threw her into the swamp. She was one-year and one-month old. She was named Dusabirema. I timed it so that she was sleeping - I left her in some swampy bushes. When I recall that baby I cannot sleep."