Faces of Genocide - Rwanda: Faces of Genocide

A 47-year old Rwandan man, wearing an orange prison uniform, sits on a wood bench outside the visible prison wall; in the background are other inmates walking away from the camera.
Faces of Genocide, Kigali, Rwanda

May 6, 2016 - Nyarugenge Prison, Rwanda - Nyabyenda J. Marie Vianney, 47, discusses the atrocities he committed during the 1994 genocide: "The number of people I killed or whose deaths I was involved in is not less than 300 people. At that time I had become a beast. I did many horrible things to Tutsis and my mother was a Tutsi. Actually, I fled with her but others betrayed me and killed her. I was sentenced to life imprisonment - I am finished. But when I happen to talk to someone and tell him/her about all that I did I feel relieved. When I go to bed I can get some sleep. I confess it. I sincerely confess."