Faces of Genocide - Rwanda: Faces of Genocide

A 51-year old Rwandan man is seated in the foreground making a basket, along with a couple of other basket-making inmates seated nearby; behind them is a large gathering of additional inmates who drawn to the scene by the presence of a camera.
Faces of Genocide, Gicumbi district, Rwanda

May 19, 2016 - Gicumbi Prison - Emmanuel Biziyamye, 51, works in the prison yard making a basket. He's serving life. "The genocide started when I was at home. I heard on the radio that we should eliminate the enemy who had assasinated the President, our parent. They said, 'get up and eliminate the enemy.' I was always ready and when I heard it on the radion, I said killing Tutsi is legal; they announced it on the radio - they will not escape from us. One day we discovered Clementine Mukampazimpaka and her brother Gatemberezi. He ran away and escaped. We caught his sister and raped her. One of us infected her with HIV. I did rape her but I didn't infect her because I'm HIV negative. But still, I did that evil act."